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9789840515714 - The World Bank: Bangladesh Education Sector Review - Volume II - Book

The World Bank (?):

Bangladesh Education Sector Review - Volume II (2000) (?)

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9789840515714 (?) or 9840515713

, Bände: 2, 3, in english, 97 pages, The University Press Limited, Paperback, New
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This comprehensive Education Sector Review has been published in three separate volumes. Volume III focuses on Technical-Vocational Education and Training, and Higher Education in Bangladesh. These background reports on the Education Sector Review present a detailed analysis of the various parts of the system. The crucial issues plaguing the technical-vocational and higher education sector are examined and necessary steps for the future outlined. Each sub-sector paper concludes with a possible strategy of objectives and means. Volume I contains the main report and the additional papers on Socioeconomic Development and its Implications for Education and Education Finance. The other background papers, organized in Volume II, contains chapters on Primary and Pre-Primary Education, Non-Formal Education, and Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. paperback, Label: The University Press Limited, The University Press Limited, Produktgruppe: Book, Publiziert: 2000, Studio: The University Press Limited
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ISBN (alternative notations): 984-05-1571-3, 978-984-05-1571-4


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