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9789840515585 - David Page: Satellites over South Asia: Broadcasting, culture and the public interest - Book

David Page (?):

Satellites over South Asia: Broadcasting, culture and the public interest (2001) (?)

Delivery from: United States of AmericaBook is in english languageThis book is a hardcover book not a paperbackNew bookFirst edition of this book

9789840515585 (?) or 9840515586

, in english, 455 pages, Oxford University Press, hardcover, New, first edition
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From Seller/Antiquarian, BoiMela
This book examines the transformation of broadcasting in South Asia brought on by the arrival of new satellite channels during the 1990s. hardcover, Ausgabe: 1st, Label: Oxford University Press, Oxford University Press, Produktgruppe: Book, Publiziert: 2001, Studio: Oxford University Press, Verkaufsrang: 16638649
Platform order number 5mwH3wXVo0qHQ%2FohvpKi8rEj0xVRmCD7LzbVmOq1vEqY0fRA4HF8SWefHmlpnd2KQBlU9VGCl4nRQOVoKKl2ENNTe2D80Wxuxqsdwqc5%2FE5d9hQxpwAUXoiWGapjmJU%2BROQHEPoK6bjfCX%2FBvOEXeQ%3D%3D
Keywords: Books, Engineering & Transportation, Telecommunications & Sensors, Television & Video, Politics & Social Sciences, Politics & Government, Public Affairs & Policy, Public Affairs & Administration
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ISBN (alternative notations): 984-05-1558-6, 978-984-05-1558-5


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