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The Story of Philosophy -compare every offer

9783864034183 - Durant,  Will: The Story of Philosophy - Book
Durant, Will (?):

The Story of Philosophy (?)

ISBN: 9783864034183 (?) or 3864034183, probably in german, New

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Seller order number: 18358195
Platform order number 575637646
Category: Bücher > Wissenschaft > Philosophie
Data from 02/04/2012 22:19h
ISBN (alternative notations): 3-86403-418-3, 978-3-86403-418-3
9783864034183 - Will Durant: The Story of Philosophy - Book
Will Durant (?):

The Story of Philosophy (2012) (?)

ISBN: 9783864034183 (?) or 3864034183, in english, 622 pages, Outlook Verlag, Paperback, Used

4,147.78 ($ 5,678.00)¹ + Shipping: 2.91 ($ 3.99)¹ = 4,150.69 ($ 5,681.99)¹(without obligation)
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Reprint of the original from 1926, paperback, Label: Outlook Verlag, Outlook Verlag, Produktgruppe: Book, Publiziert: 2012-01-11, Studio: Outlook Verlag, Verkaufsrang: 2159125
Platform order number YktVuZaajUBVnAuq4uPoR0XG%2BbnY xy0l2uqTIWM13S1j8QSb%2BJ0gIIUT SiVJc34lSOfSmck6lEsB92JJCoa6yK Mj%2BJl11cPAbbrHKCTanz9RMEaN2m MFs7fJI9rDYTyTBf%2B9e6dvKc0bAk uD%2FN8ZgXZK9x47DXLV
Keywords: Almanacs & Yearbooks, Atlases & Maps, Careers, Catalogs & Directories, College & University, Consumer Guides, Dictionaries & Thesauruses, Encyclopedias, English as a Second Language, Etiquette, Foreign Language Study & Reference, Genealogy, Graduate School, Quotations, Schools & Teaching, Studying & Workbooks, Test Preparation, Trivia & Fun Facts, Words, Language & Grammar, Writing, Research & Publishing Guides, Books, Education & Reference, Politics & Social Sciences, Philosophy, History & Surveys, Specialty Boutique, New, Used & Rental Textbooks, Humanities
Data from 10/19/2013 02:31h
ISBN (alternative notations): 3-86403-418-3, 978-3-86403-418-3
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